Speaking Engagement Testimonials

I was blessed to have Darren Prince share his path to sobriety to my company. His speech was poignant and engaging. Darren caused each of us to reflect on our personal journey and the importance of family, friendship and faith. We plan on having him back time and time again to present.

Stan Ross

CEO, Digital Ally

Everybody loved Darren’s presentation in our school and you can tell it certainly had an effect on some of the students in the audience. Some teachers are reading Darren’s memoir “Aiming High” in class with the kids. I think it was great the way he showed that a successful person can still have difficulty dealing with internal problems but never be too successful to seek outside help. Everyone at our school is looking forward to having him back again to present.

Gary Marangi

Darren Prince delivers truth and facts that inspire young people, hurt people to rethink how they are living. His story of courage reminds us that no good can come without confronting evil. Prince provides a true empowerment path to defeat the demons of addiction and validates the power of faith in action. As a Father, Son and Mayor of a place struggling with social afflictions across social and economic backgrounds, Prince’s raw truth relates to all and is a necessary remedy to win back lost hearts, minds and souls. The students of Mt. Vernon High school cant wait to have him come back to present again.

Mayor Richard Thomas

Mayor of Mt. Vernon, NY

Darren Prince is an exceptionally talented agent, his addiction and crisis have ironically made him even stronger and more powerful.
Darren’s authenticity, compassion, and expertise mark him as a leader of his generation. In addition to being a successful advocate for the national celebrities he serves, Darren gives back every day to the addicted, the imprisoned, and the community.
Darren Prince is a state and national treasure. Darren is a blessing to us all.

Jim McGreevey

Former NJ Governor

I was lucky enough to sit in on Darren’s presentation to our students. It was so inspiring and admirable with all his accomplishments! The next day my students were so excited to talk about him and were so interested in all he had to say. In fact one of the students who spoke during the Q&A couldn’t put his book down that Darren gave him as a gift.

Mary Verdone

Patchogue-Medford High School

I thought Darren Prince did a great job presenting to our students. He spoke to the audience and not at them and was very relatable. He sent a very valuable message that when you have an emptiness a void that you try and cover up rather then address, nothing will make you feel whole and complete. No amount of money or external success or popularity and notoriety and certainly not drugs or substances. I know I only met Darren once but I am proud of him and his journey as his keeps spreading his message to teens and adults everywhere.

Barry E. Tacktill

Asst. Principal, Sachem High School North

Thank You Darren Prince for sharing your powerful story of addiction and recovery today to our students. Just moments ago one of our seniors said “He was one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard at our high school and his story was incredible. All the best Darren and thank you for your words today.

The Emery/ Weiner Private School

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