Self Discovery

by Oct 15, 2019

People ask me so often, what was the most surprising thing about myself once I achieved sobriety? I was an exposed nerve for so long, so many months. It just took forever to understand who Darren Prince really was because for 24 years I was numbing myself. And now that the drugs weren’t working anymore and there was no drugs in my system dealing with the crazy agency life and life on life terms to, it was almost like not having that medicine, that super power that I had my entire life. And there was days that were pure hell. There were days that were just, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think. I had no idea who the heck I was. So now I have this huge hill I had to climb without my superpowers, which was a crazy thought.

But you know what? One day at a time led to a week, led to a month and little by little I started finding myself. I surrounded myself with positive, mindful people, people that were healthy, that wanted to live this amazing spiritual, sober life. And together we learned to get through anything. And even in my business life, I’d only been around successful people, positive people. Ones that are just influenced by passion and success and inspiration. And doing all that together with my higher power, always being there for me and working on myself physically in the gym and eating right, really got me to an amazing place I never thought I could get to.

The bottom line, my solution isn’t exactly your solution or for everybody. I know what worked for me and it’s worked for many people, but I know, we all have different hills we have to climb and different directions we go to to find our real true self. And you’ll know in your heart, you’ll get that gut feeling to know what that is that works for you, that gets you to a place of peace, happiness, serenity, and complete, utter joy in your life for once and for all.

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